Bob Mortimer came up with his own hilarious version of Justin Bieber challenging Tom Cruise to a fight

Yesterday possibly the weirdest story of 2019 dropped on to everybody's timelines after Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber challenged Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise.

That's right 25-year-old Bieber wants to throw fists with 56-year-old Cruise inside of a UFC octagon, which will probably never happen but it's fun to dream, isn't it?

Anyway, this bizarre moment has spawned a lot of silliness online including people challenging people who are 31-years-older than them (that's the age gap between Cruise and Bieber) to a fight.

However, possibly the best response to this entire story came from former Shooting Stars host and current Athletico Mince podcast extraordinaire Bob Mortimer.

In between brass hand polishing sessions and attending Middlesbrough matches, Mortimer obviously fancies himself as a bit of a scrapper and challenged both Ant and Dec to a brawl around the back of the shops.

Except the comedian wouldn't be coming alone. He's bringing his partner in comedy crime Vic Reeves along for the scrap. May only the strongest survive.

Needless to say, people thought it was hilarious and some even gave him suggestions as to where the #ShopFight could take place.

Amazingly Ant and Dec replied to Bob's challenge and they seem up for it.

We're not picking sides but our money is on the northerners...

HT The Poke

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