Prime Minister's Questions returned to the House of Commons today after a summer break and it was like nothing had changed as Boris Johnson once again found himself being grilled by Keir Starmer.

The biggest talking point of the session revolved around the A-level fiasco, which saw the government U-turn after a controversial algorithm gave countless students exam results that were considerably below the grades they were predicted to receive.

Students across the UK were unable to sit their exams because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In their opening exchanges, the two leaders did not hold back against each other with Johnson doing his best to defend the government's decision to U-turn after the uproar and Starmer saying Johnson was "tin-eared and making it up as he goes along" adding that "he is just playing games."

Johnson's response was to question why Starmer was so critical of the U-turn, calling the Labour leader 'Captain Hindsight.' Starmer didn't miss a beat and replied with:

The problem is the prime minister is governing in hindsight, that's why he's making so many mistakes.

People were big fans of this comeback from the Labour leader.

Johnson has previously used this line against Starmer in July, which is actually a joke stolen from South Park.

Starmer didn't say anything about the joke back then but has clearly spent his summer working on a reply should it come up again.

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