Keir Starmer just grilled Boris Johnson so badly that he accidentally resorted to South Park jokes

Keir Starmer just grilled Boris Johnson so badly that he accidentally resorted to South Park jokes

Another week, another session of PMQs where Boris Johnson was left floundering for words, let alone answers, after the government's handling of coronavirus came under further scrutiny.

This week Boris Johnson caused uproar when he suggested that care homes in the UK were responsible for the spread of Covid-19 throughout the country and largely contributing to the death toll which has now surpassed 44,000.

Speaking to the press in Goole, Yorkshire on Monday, Johnson said:

We discovered too many care homes didn’t really follow the procedures in the way that they could have but we’re learning lessons the whole time. Most important is to fund them properly... but we will also be looking at ways to make sure the care sector long term is properly organised and supported.

Eager to question the prime minister on this, a much more visibly angry Starmer took Johnson to task. The Labour leader said that Johnson's comments were 'insulting' and 'flippant' and twice asked him to apologise. Unsurprisingly the PM did not.

As both men became more and more agitated at the other's persistence, Johnson resorted to aiming an insult at Starmer and his forensic questioning. The PM said:

He keeps saying that I blamed or try to blame care workers and that is simply not the case.

The reality is that we now know things about the way coronavirus is passed from person to person without symptoms that we just didn't know.

Perhaps Captain Hindsight would like to tell us whether he knew that it was being transmitted asymptomatically. 

LOLS. Good one Boris. Did Dominic Cummings tell you to use a South Park reference from 10 years ago or did you catch the repeat on Comedy Central?

Yes, Captain Hindsight is a reference from a 2010 episode of the long-running animated show, named 'Coon 2: Hindsight' (it's South Park, don't ask) where a journalist gains increased powers of hindsight, thanks to a an experimental machine and a 'retroactive spider.'

As it turns out Captain Hindsight isn't actually that helpful which might have been what Boris Johnson was getting at when he made the jibe but we sincerely doubt that he actually had any idea that he was making a reference to South Park at all and this is just some bizarre coincidence.

Regardless many picked up on the South Park gag while others thought his description of Starmer wasn't actually that bad at all.

We can only hope that the superhero references continue in future editions of PMQs.

Here's a few other suggestions for the MPs to use: General Oversight, Peter Pandemic, Captain Cabinet, Budget Boy.

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