In just sixty seconds, Keir Starmer said everything we needed to hear about Dominic Cummings breaking his own lockdown rules.

Reacting to Boris Johnson's defence of his senior advisor during Sunday's press briefing, Starmer slammed the prime minister for "treating the British public with contempt" and told a Sky News reporter that Cummings should go.

If I were prime minister, I'd have sacked Cummings. And there must now be an investigation into what has happened.

Starmer also articulated the outrage many of us feel at having carefully followed lockdown rules, even in extreme circumstances, just to be told that Cummings's multiple cross-country trips to Durham were "understandable".

Millions of people across the country have made the most agonising choices not to visit relatives, some of whom were ill or dying, and not to go to funerals.

They deserve better answers than they got from the prime minister today. One rule for the prime minister's advisors, another rule for everybody else. 

Starmer re-iterated his position in a video posted to his Twitter account, where he further criticised Johnson for undermining confidence in his own lockdown rules.

So far, Johnson has staunchly defended Dominic Cummings in spite of calls from across the political spectrum for him to resign or be sacked.

Cummings travelled from London to Durham multiple times with coronavirus symptoms despite contributing to the government's 'stay at home' campaign.

With Starmer's position on the scandal abundantly clear, Prime Minister's Questions should be interesting.

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