Keir Starmer has been elected as leader of the Labour Party, winning a landslide election to replace Jeremy Corbyn and beat Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy to claim the position.

Angela Rayner was also elected as the party's deputy leader as Labour ushers in a new wave of politics after losing four general elections in the last ten years.

In his acceptance speech which was released on Twitter shortly after the result was confirmed saying that it was an "honour and a privilege" and he hopes to lead the party in "a new era, with confidence and hope" while also apologising for the anti-Semitism allegations that have dogged the party for the past few years.

This news comes in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and has been widely discussed on Twitter and many politicians, mostly from Labour but other parties too, have been quick to congratulate Starmer on his victory.

There were a few congratulations from celebrities too.

Others wished him well, while some hoped that Labour could stick to the policies that have attracted so many members to the party since 2016.

Starmer takes over the party just months after receiving the worst election result in the party's history, which handed the Conservatives an overwhelming majority.

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