Kelsey Grammer revealed he's pro-Trump and Brexit on Radio 4 and fans are disappointed

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Kelsey Grammer and his co-star Danielle de Niese appeared on Radio 4’s Today show to talk about their hit musical 'Man of La Mancha', which is being revived by English National Opera.

Though the discussion was supposed to centre on the show, Grammer veered off course when he talked about Brexit and his support of Trump, before launching into a critique of the "left".

Though he voted for Donald Trump in the general elections, he began by insisting he isn't a "big government guy".

He said: "I’m a conservative. I have been for a long time. I’m not a big government guy."

I do overhear the talk about Brexit and I think, 'Well, why are they voting again for it?'

But that’s a bit like – we do this in America too these days with like well

I think, well couldn’t you vote once? It’s sort of like you keep voting to get the result you want [laughs]. 

The presenter went on to ask him if he'd changed his mind about Trump given all the controversy around the US president?

In terms of policy I don’t have a lot of problems with what he’s doing, ah, he’s a bit of a, uh brat. I guess you could say.

And that is astounding for people especially for people who come from the more liberal side of politics. They’re used to being the brats. [laughs].

They just never had anybody come back at them in the same way. We’ve witnessed in American politics the same basic language since Ronald Reagan. This is the first guy who fires back so it’s really unpleasant and they thought he shouldn’t be elected anyway.

The presenter swiftly moved the conversation back on track to their show, but for Twitter users, the damage was already done.

People are disappointed. Like, a lot.

Others pointed out that his right wing views aren't new...

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