Ken Loach tells heartbreaking story about 'gig economy' during rousing Question Time speech

Ken Loach, the veteran filmmaker responsible for Kes, Looking for Eric and I, Daniel Blake has been praised for a speech on Question Time about the very real dangers of the so-called gig economy.

Loach, during a passionate rant, slammed the current working standards and situations that affect numerous people in the UK.

The 83-year-old highlighted the death of a van driver, named Don Lane who was so terrified of taking a sick day that he missed appointments with the doctor.

Loach did not mince his words:

Don Lane was a 53-year-old van driver. He was diabetic. He had an appointment with a specialist at hospital.

He went and he was fined £150 a day because he didn’t provide a replacement driver and of course he lost his money and he had to pay for the van that he was renting or hiring.

He had further appointments and he decided not to go because he’d be in debt, he didn’t have the resources.

Eventually, after missing a number of appointments, the man in question collapsed and died. He was just 53 years of age. In Loach’s words:

That’s the gig economy, that’s what it’s doing to working people.

Loach's speech was greeted by a round of applause by the studio audience and has been widely praised online.

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