Keyboard cat has died

Mimi Launder
Monday 19 March 2018 11:00

Keyboard Cat, the cat who played the keyboard, has sadly died.

The internet sensation, who was also known as Bento, reached nine years of age and passed away on 9 March 2018.

Bento wasn't the original Keyboard Cat - that was Fatso, who found fame in 2007 after quirky VHS tapes shot in 1984 were uploaded to YouTube (shown above).

But Bento stepped up as a worthy reincarnation of Fatso, who died in 1987, and took up the title in 2010.

Owner of both cats Charlie Schmidt posted a tribute to Bento, epic and moving in equal proportions:

The internet is in mourning.

We were privileged to know Keyboard Cat, one of the earliest memes and internet animal heroes.

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