KFC only follow 11 people on Twitter and it is perfect

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Brand Twitter accounts are rarely that exciting. They are mostly full of adverts and buzzwords that clog up your feed, leaving you to hit that "unfollow" button.

KFC are a little different.

Judging by their tweets it seems to be run by Colonel Sanders himself, which is impressive given his age.

They also sent one of their burgers into space.

Perhaps the best part of their entire account is who they follow. No, it's not thousands of fans who asks for free stuff if they can get a certain amount of retweets.

It is just 11 people and not just any old 11 people.

Firstly you have Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Emma Bunton, Mel C and Victoria Beckham a.k.a The Spice Girls.

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The remaining six are just a bunch of blokes called Herb from various professions including NFL star, Herb Waters and LA City Council, President Herb J. Wesson Jr.

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Why aren't there more Herbs? Why do they follow just one 90s girl band? Did they not like All Saints?

Well, there is a very specific and genius reason behind this strategy? Have you figured it out yet?

KFC pride themselves on only using 11 herbs and spices to create their famous fried chicken recipes.

Five spices + six herbs = 11 herbs and spices.


This amazing fact was discovered by Twitter user @edgette22 and quickly went viral.

The responses were excellent.

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