Sometimes, the viral void coughs up something particularly bizarre.

This is one of those times.

Carter Wilkerson, a regular dude, likes chicken nuggets.

A lot.

In particular, it is Wendy’s chicken nuggets which tickle his taste buds, and in an effort to try and get a year’s free supply (because that’s clearly what your Twitter account is for), he tweeted his idol:

He would need 18 million retweets for his year's free supply.

FYI, Wilkerson is on 1.54 million.

Even Wendy's is surprised...

People are wholly invested in this noble endeavour...

There's even talk of a Facebook page...

Is Wendy’s afraid?

At the moment, the highest number of retweets a tweet has ever garnered, that we could find anyway, was Ellen's famous Oscars selfie in 2014.

That got 3.2 million retweets.

It looks like carter could break that record.

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