KFC Japan now serves fried chicken that doesn't smell

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There is nothing worse than the smell of fast food on public transport after a long day at work.

It's not necessarily that someone is eating the food, but the lingering smell that is likely to stink out the entire bus or train carriage.

Public transport doesn't smell great anyway, but combine that odour with the rich, calorie-filled flavours of fast food and you have a recipe that will kick up a real stench.

All fast foods are guilty of this but none more so than fried chicken, which really gets up your nostrils and refuses to leave.

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Well, if you live in Japan this annoying occurrence may soon become a thing of the past.

According to Sora News 24, KFC Japan has released a new type of low-odour chicken called Friend Chicken Home Type and two pieces will set you back 500 yen (£3.29).

The chicken giants claim that they have perfected a special cooking method which prevents the aroma from making its way into the air.

It reportedly has such a low level of odour that you have to press your nose right up against its container to get even the slightest whiff.

Unfortunately, this seems like it could be a very short-lived addition to the KFC menu.

Not only is it only available at their outlet in Shinjuku subway station in Tokyo, but that particular branch will close on 31 December.

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