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Spon-con is out of control, especially on Instagram.

In just a few short years, the site has gone from a photo-sharing site to perhaps the world’s biggest advertising platform.

And the patron saints of spon-con are the Kardashians.

Despite being some of the most famous people in the world, no plug is beneath them. Not flat tummy tea, not those weird little hair gummies, not… cleaning products.

Yes, Khloe Kardashian has just “partnered” with Febreze.

The cleaning product that claims to eliminate odours (we’ve not partnered with them so can’t confirm if this is true).

Of course, Febreze isn’t the most glamourous product in the world.

So to jazz it up, Khloe posed on her bed in an oversized white shirt, surrounded by a load of bejewelled Febreze bottles,

Khloe’s sister, Kim, even got in on the act, commenting: I need the rhinestone bottle! You have been using this forever neat freak!”

Sure she has…

Perhaps this is the point where we collectively say: nah, spon con is just a farce now?

The internet certainly didn’t hesitate in providing a gentle ribbing.

There were the bemused.

Those that thought to look behind the wizard’s curtain.

And those who applauded Khloe’s no-holds barred approach to making sweet dollar.

However, some decided to call Khloe out for “promoting” chemicals.

An Instagram user with the handle @organiclivingorganic wrote: “Toxic filled chemical spray that's causing all types of health issues for humans. Are you proud promoting such toxic spray. Do your research before you use these products!!! They are harmful to you and your children!” on Khloe’s post.

We don’t suppose Khloe is too bothered by the reaction. At the end of the day, she’s getting paid and we… are not.

Febreze, sponsor my mum, please.

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