Mother shuts down anti-abortion debate after proving all unwanted pregnancies caused by men

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If this year has proved anything it's that the anti-abortion debate can be put to bed and never spoken of again.

Both the historic referendum in Ireland and the groundbreaking study which found that abortions didn't lead to suicidal thoughts have helped take major steps forward to break the stigma surrounding the subject.

However, there still seems some confusion about the issue, especially from us men (Sorry. We are so awful) and especially Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

If you've ever stopped to actually think about it every single unwanted pregnancy is down to an irresponsible man. Like, there's not even a debate there. It's just logic.

There isn't really much of an argument here but just to prove it, author and blogger, Gabrielle Blair has put together a lengthy Twitter thread which advocates the importance of safe sex and the risks involved with pregnancies and should be read by everyone.

Gabrielle's thread has since gone viral and she has been winning praise for her words from men and women alike.

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