Kim Kardashian has come under fire for promoting a ‘nude’ face mask that is absolutely not the same shade as the black model’s skin colour.

The 39-year-old multimillionaire popped over to Twitter on Saturday to promote her new line of SKIMS face masks in ‘five shades of nudes’:

Almost immediately after posting it, the replies rolled in calling out the reality TV star for her “problematic” tweet.

Many asked why the dark-skinned model’s mask was black but the white model’s mask was an off-shade of white to match an actual skin colour.

While some called out the fact the multimillionaire was profiting off a global pandemic, even though she was donating 10,000 masks to support Covid-19 relief efforts:

While some pointed out a broader range of ‘nude’ colours on the SKIMS website:

It’s not the only face mask controversy to hit Kim Kardashian since the global pandemic hit.

In March, she posted a photo to her Instagram while wearing an N95 mask, which allows for air filtration and is in short supply by medical staff.

Many questioned why she was wearing one while frontline medical staff were facing shortages of personal protective equipment:

Maybe Kim could be like celebrities such as Post Malone, who donated 40,000 N95 masks or Shakira who donated ventilators and masks to medical staff in Colombia...

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