King and Queen given spooky transformation as part of Halloween postbox topper

King and Queen given spooky transformation as part of Halloween postbox topper
A Charles and Camilla postbox topper has been transformed for Halloween by the Studley Stitchers (Studley Stitchers/Diane Dutton/PA)

The King and Queen have been given a spooky transformation and the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus have been recreated in crochet form as crafters decorate postboxes for Halloween.

Jan Platt, who is part of the Studley Stitchers and is affectionately referred to as ‘the boss’ by members, said 13 people have helped to make seven knitted and crocheted Halloween toppers.

Knitted and crocheted items on top of a postboxOne of the Studley Stitchers’ spooky postbox toppers (Studley Stitchers/Diane Dutton/PA)

Bats, witches, giant spiders and Dracula are just some of the spooky creations adorning postboxes in Studley, Warwickshire.

“We made Camilla and Charles, which were crocheted for his Coronation – they are now Dracula and his bride,” the 66-year-old retired teacher told the PA news agency.

Figures on top of a postboxDracula and his bride made by the Studley Stitchers (Studley Stitchers/Diane Dutton/PA)

“We made a Little Red Riding Hood topper – the wolf is hiding behind a tree and he’s about to pounce on Little Red Riding Hood, which we thought was a different sort of idea.”

She said one of the trickiest parts is preventing the figures from falling down.

“We’ve got various methods – some have skewers down them,” she said.

Items on top of a postboxGhosts and witched feature in the display of toppers (Studley Stitchers/Diane Dutton/PA)

She said both children and adults “love them”.

“We have so many comments from people around the village and they help to cheer everyone up,” she added.

Items on top of postboxOne of the Studley Stitchers’ postbox toppers featured a pumpkin (Studley Stitchers/Diane Dutton/PA)

Some comments left on social media posts of the toppers include ‘brilliant Charles and Camilla outfit” and “absolutely wonderful”.

The toppers are to be taken down on October 31 to make way for the group’s latest creations.

Disney fan Sarah Simpson, who lives in King’s Hill in the borough of Tonbridge and Malling in Kent, wanted to use Halloween as an opportunity to bring to life characters from one of her favourite movies – Hocus Pocus.

Characters on top of postboxThe Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus have been recreated by Sarah Simpson (Sarah Simpson/PA)

Miniature crocheted versions of the Sanderson Sisters – made up of Winifred, Sarah and Mary – with a bubbling cauldron and famous black flame candle form part of a glow-in-the-dark postbox topper in her local area.

Mrs Simpson said the glow-in-the-dark element was made possible thanks to glow-in-the-dark yarn and waterproof LED lights with a timer.

“The LED lights go on for six hours, so they start at 6.30pm, last for six hours and they’ll then turn off, and they do this every night,” the stay-at-home mother, 38, told PA.

Cauldron which is glowingGlow in the dark yarn has been used by Mrs Simpson to help the topper glow (Sarah Simpson/PA)

“Also, some of the yarn used on the cauldron and the black flame candle is glow-in-the-dark yarn, which generates during the day, so it helps the items glow at night.”

The cauldron was the first item made and contains a giant polystyrene ball, to keep its structure, with the witches next on the list.

Characters on top of postbox glowingSarah Simpson’s topper glows in the dark (Sarah Simpson/PA)

“For Winnie, I made these giant buck teeth I tried to stitch on to her, which looked ridiculous so left that off,” she joked.

“I went online and used picture references to make her and her sisters and get the details of their outfits correct.”

Items on top of a postboxSarah Simpson’s imaginative topper during the day (Sarah Simpson/PA)

The candle, pumpkins, spider webs and spiders were made next, with Mrs Simpson getting some help with the spiders from her best friend’s daughter.

Mrs Simpson said many people have commented on how “amazing” the topper looks and said they were “glad” it was made since they are also fans of the Disney movie.

Brenda Fowler, who lives in Chessington, has got into the Halloween mood by making a topper with the words ‘Trick or Treat’ on it and covered with an array of knitted figures including a black cat, mummy and a pumpkin with a sinister smile.

Topper on postboxBrenda Fowler’s Halloween postbox topper (Brenda Fowler/PA)

“It probably took me an evening to make each piece, except for the witch which took about two to three evenings to make because there was lots of different bits involved, like stuffing it and sewing on the features,” the retired 69-year-old told PA.

She said that many have said “how good it is” since she put it up at the start of the month.

Items on top of postboxBrenda Fowler’s postbox topper includes a colourful witch (Brenda Fowler/PA)

“I make toppers throughout the year and so many people offer me wool – I’ve got stacks,” she added.

“There’s a school at the end of my road and so the children go down every morning, you can always hear them.

Mummy and pumpkin on top of postboxThe items on Brenda Fowler’s topper include a mummy and pumpkin (Brenda Fowler/PA)

“Because I change mine once a month, they’re always ready for the first day of the month.

“It’s amazing how many people comment on them and enjoy the fact that they’re there.”

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