Guys, it's here.

Netflix has released the trailer for a documentary titled Knock Down The House about the women who ran for congressional office in 2018 - including the winning candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The young trailblazer campaigned and won against ten-term incumbent New York congressman Joe Crowley.

Prepare the tissues, it's going to be an emotional ride.

The documentary, created by Rachel Lear, follows four women who ran for Democrat congressional seats, candidates Amy Vilela (Nevada), Cori Bush (Missouri), Paula Jean Swearengin (West Virginia) and Cortez as they fight through the challenges of the election as minority candidates.

The trailer takes you through a medley of clips of mostly Ocasio-Cortez over the last two years, from the run up to the elections, preparations for the gruelling campaign (“He’s gonna tell me I’m small, that I’m young, that I’m inexperienced”) and her reasons for going into politics.

It looks like viewers will get an insight into AOC's home life via family clips of a younger congresswoman and Netflix will deep-dive into the reasons why she has so much support.

“If I was a rational person, I would have dropped out of this race a long time ago," she says in the beginning, grinning into the camera with what has become her standard, earnest expression.

People online (us included) can't wait for the documentary to drop.

We're not crying you're crying.

You can watch the full trailer, below:

Knock Down The House premiered at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and will hit Netflix next Wednesday, May 1.

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