Kyle Rittenhouse is now spreading conspiracies about his trial

Kyle Rittenhouse is now spreading conspiracies about his trial
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The infamous shooter Kyle Rittenhouse has come up with a conspiracy theory about his murder trial in an appearance on Donald Trump Jr’s show.

Rittenhouse was 17 years old when he shot three men, killing two of them, during civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin that erupted after the police shooting of Black man Jacob Blake in 2020.

In 2021, Rittenhouse was controversially acquitted and has since become a big name in the right-wing sphere with regular media appearances.

During one of his latest appearances on Trump Jr’s new show Triggered, Rittenhouse claimed that his case was “scary” because he was “up against these George Soros-funded prosecutors”.

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George Soros is a Hungarian-American billionaire businessman and philanthropist who has been the target of antisemitic conspiracy theories, in part because of his support for progressive causes.

In a clip of the interview, Trump Jr responded to Rittenhouses’ unfounded claims, asking: “Was that what was going on? Were these guys getting some sort of backhand donations?”

Rittenhouse replied, saying he could “guarantee it” before admitting, “I don’t know for sure. I don’t know for 100 per cent fact”.

In the comments, people were baffled by the claim considering the severity of the crimes he was on trial for.

One person tweeted: “That sneaky old Soros, always getting in the way of a kid's right to murder someone.”

Another said: “This Soros guy really gets around. This is the second reference to him on my feed in as many minutes.

“For a bunch of people who hate being called Nazis, they sure do love violence and blame Jews a lot.”

Trump Jr. has long been a fan of Rittenhouse and even mocked up an edited image of his father, former president Donald Trump, presenting him with a medal.

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