People are sending Diane Abbott solidarity after leaked Labour report reveals 'sickening' remarks

Just a week into Keir Starmer’s leadership of the Labour party, Her Majesty’s Opposition have been plunged into infighting after an unpublished report was leaked online.

A draft of a report, which was conducted by the Labour Party into its handling of antisemitism allegations, is thought to have leaked online. It has been reported that the final version of the report will not be sent to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, who are conducting an inquiry into the Labour’s handling of antisemitism allegations.

Sections of the unredacted report, which are now circulating on social media, make for difficult reading for people who’d like to see a united Labour Party sooner rather than later. Labour Party news site LabourList, who have seen the full version of the circulated report, say that it exposes the party’s "poor" handling of antisemitism allegations. Versions of the report that have been circulating online also reveal private remarks supposedly made by figures within the party about Labour staff, politicians and the party's 2017 election campaign.

One MP who is mentioned in a particularly shocking and unfavourable way in alleged exchanges quoted within the report is Diane Abbott, Britain’s first black female MP. Sadly it’s nothing new to see Abbott on the receiving end of hostility, seeing as an Amnesty International poll revealed that in 2017 she received half of the abuse sent to all female MPs, which Amnesty said amounted to a “campaign” of racism.

We won’t repeat any of the remarks that this leaked report alleges were said about Abbott, because they’re very unkind to say the least, but people have been responding by showing her a lot of love on social media. 

It’s never nice to see politicians attacked in a personal way, no matter their politics. So people have been trying to make up for the leak by flooding the Hackney MP with positive messages and thanking her for her contribution to British public life.

It just goes to show that there are lots of people putting kindness into practice, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

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