Labour Twitter account claims party is 'institutionally racist' after 'hacking'

Lowenna Waters
Thursday 11 July 2019 09:45
Picture:(Getty Images / Twitter)

The Labour Party press team's Twitter account has claimed that it was 'hacked' last night after a message was shared that called the party 'institutionally racist'.

The post, which was swiftly deleted from the account, was shared as a BBC Panorama documentary was broadcast that investigated alleged anti-semitism in Jeremy Corbyn's party.

The tweet, which was screenshot and widely shared, read:

There we have it folks, proof if any was needed that the Labour Party IS institutionally racist and will be until Corbyn and his cronies go.

After it was deleted, the account shared another tweet saying that their account had since been 'secured'.

In the follow-up tweet, the Labour Party wrote:

This account was briefly hacked. It has now been re-secured.

The tweet comes after the party denied that senior figures interfered with anti-semitism complaints after fresh claims were made by Panorama.

Eight former Labour officials spoke to the show, including four who have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) on the subject of anti-semitism.

Before the hack, the Labour press team had spent most of the broadcast sharing rebuttals to the show's allegations.

However, unluckily for them, the message had already become widely shared by social media users.

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