Lord Alan Sugar threatened to leave the UK under a Corbyn government again. It didn’t go well
Peter Summers/Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images/Twitter

Despite Lord Alan Sugar working hard to craft a solid media image over the past few decades, one could be forgiven for thinking he seems determined to tear it all down of late.

The London-born businessman just won’t stop threatening to leave the country if Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister.

While these arguments can often induce a sort of dark, sinking feeling (particularly when Piers Morgan is involved), this time, it felt particularly petty.

"You jealous scum" in particular doesn't seem like such a great PR move.

Although the tweet that sparked the argument has since been deleted (one Twitter user reported Lord Sugar was making a point about how easy it is for the rich to leave poorer citizens behind to suffer any Brexit fallout), you can read the rest of the argument in all it's unadulterated glory below.

While you can just about accept that Donald Trump’s UK Apprentice counterpart might not want to live in a country where he fundamentally disagrees with the ruling party’s politics, the issue of tax often seems to be a key factor in the billionaire's reasoning.

Lord Sugar spent nearly 20 years supporting the party through its New Labour years, signing up under Tony Blair in 1997 and resigning in 2015, citing “a policy shift moving back towards what Old Labour stood for”.

This took place four months before Jeremy Corbyn was elected as Labour leader, however if Lord Sugar was concerned about a shift in direction under Ed Miliband, he seems absolutely haunted by the thought of a Jeremy Corbyn premiership.

Here's when he first promised to leave the country...

Here's when he repeated that promise, making an unfortunate reference to the Pied Piper of Hamlin leading rats out of the city.

In the above clip, Lord Sugar threatened to leave the country if "communist" Corbyn was to become prime minister, citing "80 percent of my income being taken by this red fellow" as the only reason why Mr Morgan should also consider it.

People were as thrilled by his latest announcement as we've come to expect.

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