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Labour might not be in power but their transport secretary has already publicly owned Virgin Trains.

On Friday, Virgin Trains made an ill-advised attempt at banter on their Twitter account when they quoted Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback” with a picture of one of its trains.

That tweet caught the attention of Andy McDonald, Labour’s shadow secretary for transport, who couldn’t resist hitting back with an extraordinary reply…

Where did McDonald get the inspiration for his savage response?

There’s a good chance he was inspired by writer Laurie Charles, as it looks like the MP favourited her reply to Virgin Trains just before he sent the tweet.

And it wasn’t just McDonald who was dragging the train company for the joke.

There’s no word yet from Virgin on whether they’re going to take McDonald’s response without a fight.

A YouGov poll from earlier this year showed that 56 per cent of British adults support the railways being renationalised.

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