This heroic Virgin Trains employee is the LGBT+ ally we all deserve


June marks LGBT+ Pride Month, which inevitably means that brands will soon be unveiling rainbow-inspired campaigns.

As has become the custom, companies outwardly showing their support LGBT+ community can ruffle the feathers of some of the less enlightened heterosexual people.

But a social media worker from Virgin East Coast Trains, who we know only as “KM”, has emerged as an unlikely hero after customers started taking objection to the company updating their profile picture to include a rainbow.

When one user stated that he thought Virgin should be “concentrating” on running trains, rather than honouring Pride Month and their LGBT+ employees, KM was having none of it.

When another user labelled the move a “publicity stunt”, KM responded with brilliant sarcasm.

When asked if Virgin would be honouring “straight pride" or "single dads day”, KM once again had the perfect response.

Finally, the Virgin Trains employee brought the conversation back to what matters by highlighting the suppression and abuse faced by LGBT+ people across the world.

Responding to our request for comment, Virgin East Coast Trains said:

Virgin Trains are proud champions of equality and our Pride trains operating on our east and west coast routes are a wonderful celebration of sexual and gender diversity both in our workforces and in the communities we serve.

We might be biased, but they should give KM a raise.

indy100 has contacted Virgin East Coast Trains for comment.

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