Man accused of shooting Lady Gaga's dog walker gets released from jail - by mistake

Man accused of shooting Lady Gaga's dog walker gets released from jail - by mistake
Suspect in shooting of Lady Gaga's dog walker released from jail, LA ...

The man accused of shooting Lady Gaga's dog walker last year was released from jail - due to a clerical mistake.

James Howard Jackson, 18, was one of the three men charged in the robbery and shooting of dog walker Ryan Fischer was released from court on Wednesday after records indicated that the charges against him were dropped.

According to the LA County District Attorney's Office, the dismissed charges were supposed to be replaced by a superseding grand jury indictment unsealed in Wednesday's hearing.

Despite this, sources that were familiar with the case told the outlet that the superseding case was not entered against Jackson.

In April 2021, Jackson was arrested alongside Jaylin White, 19, and Lafayette Whaley, 27.

Prosecutors said all three were charged with attempted robbery and murder for the dogs-for-cash plot.

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Officials said that Jennifer McBride, 51, and Harold White were also charged as accessories to the crime. All of the suspects, except for McBride, reportedly have gang ties.

At the time of the perpetrators' arrests, they didn't know that Lady Gaga owned the dogs, police said.

They got a hold of two of Gaga's French bulldogs (Koji and Gustav), who were returned unharmed after a woman showed up at a Los Angeles police station with them.

The third Frenchie, Miss Asia, stayed with Fischer after he had been seriously hurt in the robbery when Jackson shot him in the chest.

Gaga was filming in Italybut called him a "hero" during the incident.

After Gaga offered half a million dollars in reward for the pups "with no questions asked", the group recruited McBride to act heroic and show up at an LAPD station with the dogs to say she found the two pups.

She didn't get the reward after officials became suspicious of her story.

Gaga got reunited with her dogs as cops grouped the story together and connected McBride with the others.

Fischer did suffer from severe injuries, including a collapsed lung, and was hospitalized for nearly a month.

And with the latest news, he posted two Instagram Stories to share screenshots of news articles discussing the mistaken release.

"Lord, grant me the serenity..." he wrote in one slide.

"Deep breaths," he added in the other, highlighting a Rolling Stone story.

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