Land Rover Defender SVX from James Bond’s Spectre is being sold

Land Rover Defender SVX from James Bond’s Spectre is being sold
The Defender SVX was used as a stunt vehicle in the filming of James Bond film Spectre. (Collecting Cars)

A Land Rover Defender SVX used as a stunt car in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre is being auctioned.

The 2014 example was heavily modified for use in the 007 film, and though 10 were manufactured, it is one of just seven that survived the gruelling filming. While some of the remaining SVXs, nicknamed Bigfoot, were only used for very basic and easy filming, this example is said to be a ‘true stunt-filming car’.

When new, it was fitted with hydraulics which meant it could flip at the press of a button – in the case of Spectre filming, for when the Defender collided with an aircraft piloted by James Bond.

It was used in the famous snow chase scene set in Austria, although its crash left the chassis of this SVX bent and with just 16 miles on the clock.

The Defender has been brought back to ‘new’ after its crash damage in filming. (Collecting Cars)

Since then, it has been repaired by both Land Rover and specialists Bowler at a cost of £45,000 and is now presented as it was seen in the film, pre-collision.

This includes an external roll cage, Bilstein rally dampers, a roof-mounted luggage rack and a gloss-black front grille. Huge 37-inch Maxxis off-road tyres are also fitted.

Previously used overseas, it was UK-registered in April 2021 and has since overed just 177km (110 miles).

Gordon Ramsay also owns one of the other examples, with the chef paying £365,000, including premium, for an example at auction back in August 2018.

This SVX is currently being sold by online auction platform Collecting Cars, and is anticipated to sell for ‘more than £150,000’, with values for these Defenders softening in recent years. The auction ends on Thursday April 20.

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