Lara Trump might run for the senate in 2022. Here’s 7 ridiculous and terrifying things she’s said

Lara Trump is reportedly considering running for Senate in 2022.

The wife of Donald Trump’s second son, Eric, and a former Trump campaign advisor, Lara Trump would continue the legacy of MAGA politics under Joe Biden’s administration.

According to The New York Times, she is interested in North Carolina’s Senate seat, which will become vacant on the retirement of the Republican Richard Burr. 

Unsurprisingly, not everyone thinks another Trump ticket – of any kind – is a good idea. Particularly given some of the ridiculous and terrifying things she’s previously said…

1. Mocked Joe Biden for having a stutter.

In the run up to the US election, Trump spoke at a Women for Trump event. Discussing her father-in-law’s presidential rival, she said:

Every time he comes on stage and they turn to him I’m like Joe can you get it out? Let’s get the words out, Joe. You kind of feel bad for him.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper she tried to claim that she didn’t know he had a stutter, but was rather talking about his “cognitive decline”. Which isn’t exactly any better…

2. Refused to apologise for not wearing a mask at a Trump rally.

In another CNN interview, Tapper confronted Trump for failing to wear a mask at a rally in Ohio in October. She replied: 

We thought we were following the rules … we were socially distant sitting down. We never once moved from those seats.

She also admitted she didn’t know whether or not her father had received a negative coronavirus test before attending the rally.

3. Tried to claim the Trump family are “down to earth”.

Speaking at the Republican National Convention, Trump said that when she met her soon-to-be-husband’s family for the first time:

Any preconceived notion I had … disappeared immediately. They were warm and caring, they were hard workers and they were down to earth.


4. Accidentally misquoted Abraham Lincoln.

During her RNC speech, Trump tried to warn Americans about the dangers of “socialism” using a quote from Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately, it was fake.

She said:

Abraham Lincoln once famously said: America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

Trump isn’t the first person to attribute these words to the former president.

In fact, its origins appear to be a Facebook meme, popular with conservatives. 

5. Suggested accepting refugees was the “downfall” of Germany.

In 2015, Angela Merkel kept Germany’s borders open as more than a million asylum seekers reached western Europe after fleeing war in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Trump described this as “one of the worst things that ever happened” to the country while appearing on Fox News four years later. She said:

It was the downfall of Germany. It was one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany.

This president knows that, he’s trying to prevent that from happening here.

Trump’s comments sparked a backlash, not only because of her disparaging comments about refugees, but also because people pointed out that far "worse” things have happened to Germany, including the Nazi regime and the Holocaust. 

6. Tried to discourage the Democrats from running against Trump.

Trump’s 2020 election prediction turned out to be very wrong. In March, she told Sky News:

I do believe that Donald Trump is going to win by more in 2020 than he did in 2016. I think the reality is it will be so stupid for people to spend their money, to waste their money and time and effort right now, to try and run against him.

I actually don't understand why there are so many people that have gotten in the race on the Democrat side. I always want to tell them - wait until 2024. Wait till he's out. You're not going to beat Donald Trump.

Perhaps they weren’t so stupid after all.

7. Congratulated Trump for his “incredible” response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Appearing on CNN, Trump said:

The president has done … an incredible job with the coronavirus

As well as repeatedly downplaying the virus’s threat, the president told Americans that it would “disappear” and that it “affects virtually nobody”. 

He also recommended drinking bleach as a possible cure. 

Lara Trump’s Senate bid isn’t fully confirmed yet. But if she does choose to run, her association with Trump and record of ridiculous statements will surely follow her.

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