Famous feline and No 10’s chief mouser, Larry the Cat, has turned his attention to physic predictions after he was asked to guess who would win today’s Euro 2020 quarter final between England and Ukraine.

Less Mystic Meg and more Mystic Mog, Larry can be seen wandering away from the two flags – which presumably have food behind them – in a video uploaded to Twitter by No 10 on Friday.

After a short while, Larry then ventures towards one of the flags, before proudly perching next to one.

We don’t know why we’re teasing the result, given the headline, but even Larry the Cat thinks football is finally coming home.

He isn’t the first animal to try predicting the outcome of a football match, either. In 2010, an octopus named Paul attracted worldwide attention after correctly guessing the results of several World Cup matches.

More recently, a dachshund known as ‘The Psychic Sausage’ said Italy would draw against Turkey in their match last month.

They didn’t. Italy won 3-0.

However, the pup didn’t give up, and was tasked with predicting the Tuesday game between The Three Lions’ and Germany. He could either eat a bratwurst, or good ol’ fish and chips.

In an act which may be considered borderline cannibalism, the sausage dog chose the sausage, indicating that Germany would progress to the quarter finals.

They didn’t. England scored a shock 2-0 victory, knocking out the Germans for the first time since 1966.

Fortunately, people are more optimistic about Larry’s prediction:

Saturday’s match kicks off at 8pm (BST). In the meantime, our ‘Larry for PM’ campaign continues…

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