On Monday night, Fox News host Laura Ingraham shocked viewers by beginning The Ingraham Angle segment by stating the "real insurrection" in America is actually coming from new President Joe Biden.

Former president Donald Trump was impeached last month, following an attempted coup, when his supporters violently stormed a session of Congress held to certify Joe Biden’s election win at the Capitol building.

In a pre-recorded message Trump stood by claims the election had been “stolen” from him, but said “we can’t play into the hands of these people”. He later told rioters: “Go home. We love you. You’re very special.”

Laura began the show by referring to Trump as the Democrats' "drug of choice" over the past five years, and claimed that "Biden isn't running anything, he's barely awake".

She ranted at length against his immigration policy, stating: "Biden's open border zealots have what they want - big business, they get their slave labour and the social justice warriors, the far left squad types, they have their new population that can be moulded and formed into socialist party faithfuls."

They "hope to swamp the voting power of all you Americans out there who still know the country's traditions Constitution, and history”, she asserted.

Then, Laura said: “Democrats are arguing that Trump welcomed and incited a violent incursion into the Capitol. When it is they who are enticing illegals to bust through our borders, exploit our resources, and commit crimes. And we’re not talking about a few hundred. We’re talking hundreds of thousands, eventually millions if the Democrats have their way.”

Hitting her stride, she asserted the real insurrection “taking place against America” is coming from the “DC swamp” and it “seeks to overthrow everything we love about America by defaming it, silencing it, and even prosecuting it.”

She continued: “This is an organized mob funded by billionaires. It’s supported by celebrities. And it’s aided and abetted by propagandistic news organizations every single step of the way".

As she spoke, images of individuals such as Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Zucker, Steve Carell flashed up on the screen behind her.

She said “insurrectionists have stormed our schools with BLM indoctrinators,” and “shuttered our classrooms by empowering union heavies” and “overwhelmed small businesses with idiotic, stupid lockdowns.”

In conclusion, the conservative TV host said "So as they dangle their shimmery impeachment bauble in front of you this week...we will expose their real aims.

“Soon America will see who the real threat to democracy is, and how the good guys, once again, can prevail.”

Laura's segment provoked fury from many online.

One woman commented: "This is precisely why there are so many misinformed people out there. I’m pissed, my brother’s one of them and our relationship has suffered because of it."

And one frustrated viewer wasted no time in reminding others of the reality of the situation, saying: "Oh my god, give me a break. The Republican Party ran up in the Capitol and ransacked the place. They busted out windows and hunted down lawmakers. They committed treason and no amount of deflection will change that fact."

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