This Laurel and Hardy clip perfectly sums up Britain's attempts to leave the EU

A Laurel and Hardy clip has gone viral since it perfectly encapsulates Britain’s attempts to leave the European Union.

The footage was posted by Noshaba Sainsbury on Twitter along with a link to a tweet by the BBC’s Katya Adler quoting an EU diplomat saying, “He is clearly once again is [sic] putting a general election and becoming elected PM ahead of getting the Brexit deal passed through Parliament.”

In the clip from the 1929 short Perfect Day, Stan, Ollie and friends repeatedly say goodbye to the onlookers from the vantage point of an automobile. Then, when they finally get moving, the car breaks down after just a second or two.

The analogy is perfect, not bad given the film was made 90 years ago, and people were keen to show their appreciation.

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