The Brexit 50p is likely to be delayed again and the jokes are writing themselves

The Brexit 50p is likely to be delayed again and the jokes are writing themselves

This week has been a strange old affair for Brexit, what with this weird interesting advert and this one too, and it’s only getting worse.

It turns out that a promise to mint millions of 50p coins to commemorate Brexit could be postponed after MPs derailed Boris Johnson’s chances of getting his deal through parliament by Halloween.

Sajid Javid, the chancellor, announced plans for new coins to mark Brexit earlier this year – shortly before Johnson won the Conservative leadership contest – following enthusiastic calls from Conservative MPs.

However, recent developments in the Commons means we might not make the October 31 deadline, and the UK is waiting for a decision from the EU on the length of a third extension.

The Treasury has refused to confirm whether production had begun on the coins, which were due to be stamped with the words, “peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations,” as well as the 31 October deadline date.

Doubt cast over the Brexit coins has prompted many jokes online

BBC editor Faisal Islam even used maths to work out when Royal Mint UK would have to start making the coins in order to make the deadline and they are already late...

Others "fixed" the coin

This is a pretty good alternative

Treasury sources told the Daily Telegraph that the coins had to be approved at the privy council so the coins had "legal tender status for when it is introduced on the day we leave".

One source said: "Three million will be ready for exit day and 10 million will be struck within the first year."

But, who knows?

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