QAnon congresswoman Lauren Boebert ridiculed for not understanding how the US constitution actually works
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In her short time as one of the Republican party’s most QAnon-friendly faces, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has subjected her followers to a wealth of misinformation in the name of “draining the swamp”.

When she isn’t getting creative with firearm-themed Zoom backdrops, the Colorado representative appears to keep herself busy with fundamentally misunderstanding the law she promises to uphold. 

Her latest tweet has caused some confusion after she argued politicians cannot “rewrite” the constitution to suit their agendas.

As any person required to take a US citizenship test knows, the constitution has evolved 27 times over the years in the form of amendments. It is made to be adaptable to the times it faces, given that it is over 200 years old. But apparently Boebert missed the memo when she was sworn in earlier this year.

What’s more, the literal second amendment remains central to her political identity and is basically the reason she won her election. Remember campaign’s the bizarre vow to carry a gun into Congress every day?

The whole thing has left a lot of people very confused, and Twitter was ready to remind of the plethora of instances amending the constitution worked out quite well.

After all, it is the reason any female is even allowed to sit in Congress and vote.

Someone even linked her to the online document, for further reading purposes.

She even cosigned a recent proposition to amend the number of term limits members of Congress can serve.

It’s not making an awful lot of sense.

From blaming the Capitol riots on “Hollywood elites” to labelling Covid-19 relief a “radical socialist agenda” it looks like Lauren Boebert’s tenure is going to be a wild ride.

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