Laurence Fox has been roasted, again, this time for posting a cryptic message about needing “men” to help with “bad times”.

On Twitter, the former actor, failed politician, and anti-vaxxer posted an incorrect version of a quote written in the post apocalyptic war novel Those Who Remain, by author G. Michael Hopf. It seems he had taken to Twitter, as too many have, to comment on the escalating situation in Afghanistan and we just wish he hadn’t.

Anyway Hopf had written: “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

But Fox incorrectly paraphrased:

As the internet scratched their heads, wondering what on Earth he was on about, they proceeded to roast him. Some thought he was revealing some toxic masculinity for decrying “we need men” while others thought he didn’t know the first thing about “hard times”. And some tittered as he didn’t realise his post came across just slightly euphemistically:

He later posted a clip on a boat and said “boys will be boys” showing that, regrettably for Fox, he had not found the men he said he so desperately needed.

Oh dear. Fox is certainly the gift that keeps on giving in terms of posting nonsense on social media. Perhaps it is time someone locked him out of his account.

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