There is a theory that the actress Lea Michele is illiterate and it's getting out of hand

Greg Evans
Monday 26 March 2018 15:15
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Eight months ago, a LGBTQ+ and pop culture podcast shared a video on Facebook where they posted theories about the Glee actresses apparent inability to read.

Their evidence points towards a series of strange quotes about her from the autobiography of Michele's Glee co-star Naya Rivera: Michele only being able to memorise lines by hearing them and that she couldn't read the music on Glee, a show which is heavily focused on music and signing.

We should point out that the members of the podcast, called One More Thing, declare that they do love Michele and just wanted to make the video out of concern. Watch their video below.

They go into some pretty hefty details about why they believe Michele can't read including her social media posts, which contain a lot of emojis and are apparently written by her assistant.

It's compelling stuff and, like the best conspiracy theories, almost makes you believe it. At least that's what most of the Internet felt after watching it, as the theory recently went viral.

That's just a small sample - but just searching for Lea Michele on Twitter will produce hundreds of results and jokes.

However, the video could be interpreted as ableism and mocking towards someone who can't read. This led to the podcast sharing a statement on their Instagram:

That being said, Michele clarified that she can read and write - and that she actually finds the theory hilarious, so thank goodness for that.

In addition, her friends and colleagues have also gotten in on the fun by adding to the conspiracy themselves.

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