Engineer reviews accuracy of 'leaked Titan sub transcript'

Engineer reviews accuracy of 'leaked Titan sub transcript'
Resurfaced documentary footage shows Titan spinning out of control

This week, the alleged transcripts from the missing Titan submersible were leaked online and an engineer has reviewed what happened.

Screenshots from the unconfirmed transcript were shared online and appeared to reveal the final exchanges between those onboard the Titan submarine and the mothership the Polar Prince before the submarine’s devastating implosion.

In a video, American YouTuber and engineer Jeff Ostroff has gone over the “unconfirmed” transcript and revealed the likelihood of their authenticity.

Ostroff began the video, explaining: “This transcript comes the closest to the scenarios that I think actually happened and it seems to line up with the time stamps.”

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Transcripts reveal the Titan submarine proceeded with the dive at 8:01am with clearance from the Polar Prince.

Ostroff explained that the first red flag for him began when the submarine reported at 08:21 that it was already 756 metres deep.

He went on, calculating that, with the wreckage of the Titanic at around 3,800 metres deep and with a dive time of 2.5 hours, the submarine should be descending at a pace of around 25.33 metres per minute.

LEAKED Titan Sub Transcript Shows Crew In Battle For

At a rate of 25.33 metres per minute, the Titan should have been at a depth of around 532 metres, not 756 metres, just over 20 minutes into the journey.

Ostroff said: “I’m concluding at this point that the Titan sub is descending too fast.”

Using the same calculation, Ostroff was concerned about the depth of 1,934 metres that the Titan reported 51 minutes into the trip. According to his calculation, the submarine should only have been at a depth of 1,292 metres at that point in its descent.

According to the transcript, the first alarm systems on the sub began to go off at 09:28, as the transcript read: “We’re noting an alarm from the rtm (real-time monitoring [system]).”

Ostroff noted that the sub was, “1,200 metres deeper than expected” and an hour early to its destination.

The transcript then revealed how the Titan sub released the ballast. When that was unsuccessful in helping them to ascend, they made the decision to “jettison the frame”.

The Titan sub reported a “crackling sound” and revealed that the status of the monitoring system, reporting: “Global RTM alert active all red.”

On their attempted ascent, Ostroff explained: “Here’s what is alarming to me. Look at their depth, 3,457 metres. About three minutes ago they were at 3,476 metres. So the OceanGate Titan submarine, by this point in time, has only gone about 20 metres in three minutes.”

The last message received from the Titan was at 9:46 and revealed that they had switched power to the backup battery at a depth of 3,457 metres, resulting in more sounds being heard.

Ostroff concluded that: “All the news reports say that they lost contact at about 9:45 in the morning, so this is not too far off.”

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