Leave EU tried to mock Banksy's latest artwork on immigration but it backfired badly

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As far as modern, mainstream artists go, few know how to make a statement quite like Banksy.

The elusive artist's entry into this year's Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy is nothing more than an EU arrivals gate - that kind you will have no doubt seen at an airport.

In what is a clear comment on Brexit and immigration, the arrivals gate has been closed with the shutter reading 'KEEP OUT', except the 'T' has been removed by a rat that is attempting to break the padlock at the bottom of the shutter.

According to the RA's website, the piece by the anonymous artist was 'salvaged from Heathrow airport'. No specific price has been assigned to the piece but it has already started to generate debate online.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 News tweeted a picture of the artwork on Monday afternoon, noting that Banksy had commented on immigration in his 2018 Summer Exhibition entry.

This immediately got the Brexiteers rattled and Leave EU (of course, who else?), the pro-Brexit group set up by Arron Banks, decided to wade in and give their two cents.

According to them, more than 200,000 people moved to the UK from the EU in 2018, which is roughly the size of Portsmouth.

Obviously, Leave EU aren't big fans of Banksy and his particular brand of satirical art, but - unfortunately for them - they forgot about a little thing called 'freedom of movement', which benefits all members of the EU.

As Guru-Murthy correctly pointed out, last year saw the lowest inflow of migrants from the continent, with stats in November suggesting that more non-EU citizens are arriving in the UK than since 2004, while Brits still continue to flock to Europe - a privilege that they won't be able to use so easily outside of the EU.

Guru-Murthy wasn't the only person on Twitter to call Leave EU out for this.

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