Lee Anderson says naked cartoon 'deeply hurtful' - for surprising reason

Lee Anderson says naked cartoon 'deeply hurtful' - for surprising reason
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Tory politician Lee Anderson has made the headlines recently for some of his controversial opinions and now, he’s attempting to show a bit of humour with some faux outrage over a naked cartoon drawing of him.

Anderson, also known by the nickname 30p Lee for his remarks about food banks and the cost of living, was recently appointed as deputy chairman of the Tory party and is the MP for Ashfield.

The newly-promoted politician joined Twitter less than six months ago and has been using his platform to share his thoughts.

Today, Anderson took aim at a cartoon image depicting him as “cheap red meat from 30p” that could be bought and chopped up at a butcher’s, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as the butcher in question.

In the image, a naked Anderson can be seen on all fours with lines drawn across his limbs as if to section off cuts of meat, with some of his controversial opinions used for the names.

But, rather than criticise the image, Anderson attempted sarcasm and showed faux outrage at the “deeply offensive & hurtful cartoon” showing him with “an extended ear lobe”.

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Anderson wrote: “Deeply Offensive. This cartoon of me doing the rounds is typical of how the left will exagerate [sic] to personally attack people.

“This deepy [sic] offensive & hurtful cartoon shows me with an extended ear lobe. This is not the case at all & the artist should apologise. The rest is ok.”

Some of the words used in the drawing reference his previous controversies, including Anderson’s recent support for bringing back the death penalty and his disparaging comments about England’s footballers taking the knee in a show of defiance against racism.

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