A non-binary person on Twitter has revealed the adorable nickname their mum calls them.

Karuna Vellino, a 20-year-old who identifies as no-binary, which means they identify as a gender which is neither exclusively masculine or feminine, tweeted about their mum.

They wrote: “My mom has always called me 'baby girl' and we’ve been experimenting with gender neutral ways to adapt that since I came out as non-binary and..."

Vellino followed the message with a screen grab of a message their mum sent them. It reads:

Hey baby goat – how’s today? Thinking of you – waiting for laurel for her birthday dinner.

Mama even used a goat emoji. Aww.

Baby goat won the internet.

As did the thoughtful mama.

And considering G.O.A.T is an acronym for Greatest of all Time, people online are here for the double-meaning nickname.

Also, a baby goat is a kid...

Everything about this is wholesome.


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