Lib Dems roasted for misleading and confusing leaflets (again)


The Liberal Democrats are once again being accused of misleading voters.

On leaflets posted through people’s doors, several candidates published data and bar charts that don’t seem to make all that much sense.

Several items use data which comes from a company that is not a member of the British Polling Council and seem to suggest that the party is way ahead of their competitors.

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The bar charts use data from blogging site “Flavible” to seemingly mislead voters in York Outer, Esher and Walton, the Islington North seat of Jeremy Corbyn, Putney, Enfield Southgate, Woking, Oxford East, and Westminster and City, into believing that the Lib Dems are way out in front.

In York Outer, the material portrays a race solely with the Conservatives, and says that, “Labour won’t win, but their voters can help beat the Tory MP by lending their vote to the Lib Dem.” In 2017, Labour came in second place in York Outer.

Small print below the graph reveals that the figures were from a poll of local residents in those constituencies who were asked which party they would back if the Tories and Lib Dems were hypothetically battling it out between themselves.

The party have also been accused on social media of misleading the public by suggesting that a quote made by party leader Jo Swinson is actually the opinion of the Guardian.

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