Lightning strike through exhaust vent blows toilet apart

Lightning strike through exhaust vent blows toilet apart
The night sky is illuminated by lightning storms in Lost City, Oklahoma, ...

A lightning bolt shattered a toilet after it went through an apartment's exhaust vent.

The worrisome but bizarre incident occurred in Oklahoma. Fortunately, at the time of the lightning strike, there was no one actually using the toilet, leaving no one harmed in the process. The toilet was left destroyed and in pieces all over the floor.

The incident occurred on May 4th. Firefighters from the Okmulgee Fire Department were called to the scene to the apartment after the event took place.

In a statement shared with Nexstar, Fire Chief Dewayne Hurt reported what he saw as he entered the bizarre circumstances.

He said: "The fan was destroyed and the toilet bowl was severely damaged. There was a slightly burned rafter in the attic area where we believe the lightning struck." A firefighter from the Okmulgee Fire Department further explained to the media that the bolt of lightning traveled through the metal exhaust vent after first hitting the roof. It then came into contact with the water in the toilet bowl, which caused it to explode.

As well as causing the toilet to shatter in pieces, the lightning bolt also started a small fire in the apartment's attic. Crews were able to extinguish the fire before anyone was injured.

Those in the apartment complex told local television station KWCH that no one had been staying in the apartment at the time of the storm, although it was due to be rented out the following morning.

Of the incident, Okmulgee Fire Lieutenant Rocky Morrow said: "I’ve worked at the fire department for 19 years and never seen anything like it."

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