The most scathing lines from The Lincoln Project’s reply to Rudy Giuliani’s baseless conspiracy theory

During the US election, one of the most prominent campaigns against Donald Trump’s re-election came from a bunch of conservative Republicans, called The Lincoln Project, that had grown disillusioned with the 45th president’s rhetoric.

Whether their tactics managed to win over some former Trump voters is still open to debate but despite the election of Joe Biden, their work isn’t done. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has recently lashed out at the group by spreading a baseless conspiracy theory that they had aligned themselves with Antifa groups and were involved with the Capitol riots on 6th January. 

Giuliani shared this totally unhinged theory on Steve Bannon’s podcast and was so farfetched that even Bannon wasn’t buying it. Unfortunately for Giuliani, this bizarre boast looks to have landed him in some trouble as The Lincoln Project are now demanding an apology from the former mayor of New York City. 

In a blistering letter that the group shared on Twitter, The Lincoln Project refuse to pull any punches and completely lay into Giuliani and all of his many, many public gaffes since the end of the election when he was front and centre of Trump’s attempts to overturn the results.

Here are some of the most scathing lines from the three-page letter.

“You were once a respected and respectable figure.”

The Lincoln Project go straight for the jugular of the former Time Person of the Year by implying that he is no longer respectable and has been reduced to a figure of ridicule.

"You gave a mattress-top interview to someone you thought was a journalist ‘looking for more,' but turned out only to be a comedian who showed you to be an easy mark."

The Lincoln Project then begin listing some of Giuliani’s most humiliating moments (complete with extensive footnotes" including his infamous appearance in the recent Borat movie where he was duped by comedians Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova.

“You represented the President of the United States in a parking lot press conference held right outside Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Fantasy Island Adult Bookstore and Philadelphia Crematorium.”

No prizes for guessing what this is about. Arguably the most embarrassing moment in American political history that will go down in infamy. 

“You oozed hair dye while you spewed lies about the 2020 election."

Another humiliating moment for Giuliani and one of the best memes in history

“More important than any of that, though, you betrayed your country when you rose to speak on January 6, 2021, before a raucous crowd that your client, ex-president Donald Trump, had invited to gather a short distance from the US Capitol. You directed people to “fight to the very end” to make sure that same process ‘doesn’t happen.' You shouted “Let’s have trial by combat!'”

The letter goes into more damning territory here as The Lincoln Project brings up Giuliani’s speech just hours before the US Capitol riot where they specifically mentioning the violent language that Giuliani used.

“Your immediate reaction to the dreadful scene that day was to phone fleeting Senators to request that they further extend the vote-counting delay that you helped manufacture, which is a treacherous act the public knows about only because you cannot properly operate a smartphone.”

After going into further details on how Giuliani might be in some way responsible for the riot and the havoc that followed, The Lincoln Project mention how he tried to contact Republican senators to try and get them to delay Biden’s certification as president and how he managed to contact the wrong person

“You shamelessly muttered, for example, that your demand for ‘trial by combat’ before an angry mob on January 6th was merely a benign reference to a 2014 episode of, as you put it, ‘that very famous documentary’ Game of Thrones."

Once again, Giuliani actually said this

“You claimed The Lincoln Project and ‘some right-wing groups that operate for The Lincoln Project’ were acting as ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ suggesting that they had somehow disguised themselves as Trump supporters while illegally occupying the Capitol.”

This is the aforementioned claim that even Steve Bannon was doubtful of. Worth bearing in mind that this is the Steve Bannon who set-up the alt-media organisation Breitbart.

"You have until Wednesday, February 3rd to retract your statement fully and to apologise publicly to The Lincoln Project. Refuse at your peril."

This is the opening sentence to the final paragraph of the letter which gives Giuliani a clear deadline for his apology.

“You will never again be America’s Mayor, but there may still be time to save some of the cash that you pawned your credibility for, should Dominion Voting Systems ultimately leave you any.”

This is the final line of the letter. Ouch!

Whether Giuliani will actually apologise or not remains to be seen but this is just another example of how much his credibility has been tarnished in just the last couple of months.

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