25 of the best reactions to Rudy Giuliani's hair dye dripping down his face

25 of the best reactions to Rudy Giuliani's hair dye dripping down his face

No one could have predicted that the world would watch The Wizard of Oz play out in real-time, but as yesterday proved, if you put Rudy Giuliani under some hot lights, he'll melt.

In yet another lengthy and chaotic press conference, Trump’s lawyer presented more baseless claims of widespread election fraud and vowed to challenge President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in court, despite the Trump campaign already losing numerous lawsuits.

Giuliani’s lies are disturbing, but something equally troubling was happening before viewers’ eyes as they watched the press conference. His apparent hair dye job seemed to be melting, as black streaks could be seen dripping down the sides of Giuliani’s face.

Naturally, the internet could not pass up another opportunity to ridicule Trump’s lawyer.

Many were concerned about what they were witnessing.

Rudy Giuliani, are you okay?

Even the Trump team thought it was hilarious. The people manning the official livestream were accidentally left their microphones on and could be heard saying, “You see f***ing Rudy’s hair dye dripping down his face?”

Some people thought Giuliani’s mishap looked familiar.

Plus, the disaster of Four Seasons Total Landscaping seems like a lifetime ago now.

It’s been quite the year for Giuliani.

Some discovered poetic significance in the incident.

Basically, there was no shortage of jokes.

The incident even inspired some art.

Not Giuliani’s finest hour.

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