At the moment, it barely feels like there is a week that hasn’t gone by since the election without a considerable gaffe from Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

His latest embarrassing episode dates back to the hours shortly before the shocking riots in Washington DC led by Trump supporters on the US Capitol building, which left five people dead. 

The disturbing scenes were preceded by a rally outside of the White House where many of the president’s cohorts spoke to the crowd including Giuliani. In a now-infamous moment, Giuliani told the mob that they would have a “trial by combat” if the election results were not switched in favour of Trump.

Reports have since suggested that a rift has developed between Giuliani and Trump which was clarified by The Hill reporter Brett Samuels who actually spoke to Giuliani. Samuels also took the opportunity to ask the former mayor of New York what he actually meant by the “trial by combat” comment. 

According to Giuliani, this was a reference to Game of Thrones, which he appears to think is a “documentary about fictitious medieval England.” The 76-year-old is quoted as saying, “I was referring to the kind of trial that took place for Tyrion in that very famous documentary about fictitious England. When Tyrion, who is a very small man, is accused of murder. He didn’t commit murder, he can’t defend himself and he hires a champion to defend himself.”

Honestly, where do you even start with this?

Giuliani has clearly watched Game of Thrones as he has made a very specific reference to the show but surely he can’t think its a documentary, let alone a documentary about "fictitious medieval England" which doesn't even make sense.

Perhaps he meant mockumentary or docudrama but that doesn’t work either as Game of Thrones is quite obviously a drama based on fantasy as, after all it does have dragons in it.

On top of this, was he seriously comparing Trump to Tyrion? We can only presume that Trump hasn’t seen Game of Thrones as we doubt that Trump would be too happy with this comparison for what would be inevitably offensive reasons. That being said Trump has previously shared Game of Thrones memes when he had Twitter so who knows?

Giuliani did try and deflect any blame from himself from the violence that engulfed the capitol last week claiming the line “incited no violent response from the crowd.”

Regardless, this will have to go down as another bizarre moment from Giualini which we’ll put down as a slip-of-the-tongue or a pure mistake, much like when he held a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping rather than the Four Seasons hotel.

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