Lindsey Graham is sick and tired of being out-fundraised by his Democratic political opponents.

In fact, he believes people “hate” his “guts” and that’s why it’s been so hard for him.

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Graham said the death of Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg would likely raise a lot of money for his political opponent, Jaime Harrison.

But it won’t be the same for him because:

People hate my guts.

He later added:

My opponent will raise $100 million in the state of South Carolina. The most money ever spent in the history of the state on a Senate race in this state was by me in 2014 when I spent $13 million.

It was not immediately clear what figure Graham, an ardent supporter of president Trump, had been alluding to.

But the admission of not being able to find many people to donate to his campaign caught the attention of former Republican group, The Lincoln Project.

So they decided to turn his speech into an emotional spoof video (featuring Sarah McLachlan’s touching song ‘Angel’ playing in the background) and the results are hilarious.

At one point in the video, Graham is shown with tears in his eyes and then his voice blared:

Help me! They’re killing me money-wise!

A voiceover then encouraged people to visit to donate money to help his campaign.

Except the website actually goes to a donation page for The Lincoln Project so that they can continue to “work to end Lindsey's career”.

And people were absolutely loving it.

While others suggested donating to Graham’s opponent, Jaime Harrison, instead:

Too good.

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