Doctor warns of Ozempic dangers following Lisa Marie Presley autopsy

Doctor warns of Ozempic dangers following Lisa Marie Presley autopsy

After Lisa Marie Presley’s cause of death was revealed to be related to a weight loss surgery she previously had, experts are warning patients of the risk of extreme weight loss.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Bubrow, from the hit series Botched , has criticised the drastic methods being taken by some hoping to achieve significant weight loss in an interview with TMZ .

It was revealed this week by the medical examiner that the late daughter of Elvis Presley died due to a small bowel obstruction, caused after bariatric surgery.

With the rise of noninsulin medicine Ozempic this year, weight loss treatments have been in the mainstream more than ever. Now, Dubrow, 64, is urging experts in the weight loss community to make the dangers of such treatments know to prevent deadly situations from occurring.

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“Most patients who have had previous bariatric surgery bypass surgery, they lose a lot of weight but not enough, so a lot of them, particularly in Hollywood, are on Ozempic-type drugs,” said Dubrow.

Lisa Marie's Death Prompts Ozempic, Weight Loss Warning from 'Botched' Dr. Terry Dubrow | TMZ

“Recent studies have shown that if you’re on Ozempic type drugs, they can slow down your intestines, they can predispose you to intestinal obstruction, and there may be the perfect unfortunate storm of previous surgery with intestinal scarring, opioid use so you can’t tell that you’re that sick, and further slowing of the intestines by the use of these miracle weight loss drugs that virtually everyone is on in Hollywood,” he warned.

Dubrow clarified that he did not know whether Presley was taking Ozempic or something similar on top of her surgery but said, “we will know when the further toxicology comes back.”

Bariatric surgery has other known long-term health risks such as hernias, gallstones, malnutrition, low blood sugar, ulcers, acid reflux, and dumping syndrome. Ozempic too has also been linked to significant side effects such as excessive belching and diarrhoea.

The Botched star also shared that three of his patients are currently hospitalised due to intestinal problems and pancreatitis linked with Ozempic use.

“Nobody’s talking about this right now - but we need to talk about it,” he warned.

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