You know what's a serious debate topic? Politics.

And what lightens heavy political debates? A fat ginger cat.

That's exactly how an interview with Polish historian and political scientist Jerzy Targalski went.

He was being interviewed on Dutch TV by an NTR reporter about the forced removal of Polish judge Malgorza Gersdorf by the PiS party (the governing party in Poland).

The country is being criticised by the EU for undermining judicial independence by reducing the age of retirement of its judges from 70 to 65, forcing some judges to step down immediately.

In the midst of the serious discussion, a big ginger cat called Lisio climbed onto his shoulder.


Instead of putting the cat down, he held the tabby's tail from his face and bravely continued with the interview.

The internet aren't sure who they like better, Targalski or the cat.

Actually that's a lie, they loved the cat.

Kind of reminds us of another viral interview interruption...

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