Liz Truss said Boris Johnson 'put London on the map' and everyone made the same joke

In less than a week's time, Boris Johnson could very well be the prime minister of the UK and he probably deserves it because he apparently put London, a city which dates back to Roman times, 'on the map'.

Well, at least that's what Johnson's Tory colleague Liz Truss said at the latest leadership hustings, which took place on Wednesday night at ExCel London, in the city's Docklands area.

Truss, who is the current chief secretary to the treasury, introduced Johnson at the event where she paid tribute to his time as the mayor of London, which included tackling crime, improving housing, the London Olympics and spending millions on a bridge that doesn't exist.

Truss said:

Boris Johnson put London on the map. He was the mayor who cut crime, built houses, who levelled up all parts of this great city with world-class infrastructure and having worked with Boris for several years now, I am convinced he is the man to do that for our entire country.

We understand the sentiment that Truss is trying to convey here but to claim that London wasn't considered to be a major city within the world prior to Johnson's ascension in 2008 is a clear ignorance of literally thousands of years of history.

Once her quote made it on to Twitter, it provoked a lot of reaction and let's just say that people didn't exactly agree with her.

Maybe Truss hadn't heard of London before 2008?

With this in mind, we might as well just re-write history, hadn't we?

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