Clip of Liz Truss's disastrous interview about Brexit goes viral after resurfacing online

An interview with Tory minister Liz Truss, which took place in March has gone viral again where she struggles to answer questions on Brexit and austerity.

Truss, who was appointed as Boris Johnson's international trade secretary last month, was the Chief Secretary to the Treasury when she spoke to LBC presenter Eddie Mair on March 13 of this year.

At the time the UK was still set to leave the European Union on March 29 before the date was held back until October 31 but even now her answers are agonising to listen to.

Speaking to Mair from College Green, Truss ducked a question on austerity and how it had personally affected her but when the topic of Brexit came up, Truss begin to falter.

The 44-year-old said the idea of a second EU referendum would be a "very, very, very bad idea" despite the fact that she had changed her mind from being a remain voter to a leave supporter.

Mair said:

What about people who have changed their minds between then and now?

Truss then claimed, "I don’t think people have changed their minds," to which Mair pointed out that she had.

The Tory replied, with a smile on her face:

I have, that's true. In the other way though.

Although the interview took place more than five months ago, the clip suddenly went viral on Twitter with many criticising Truss for her answers and Mair for his line of questioning.


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