This hilariously bad placard from today's anti-lockdown Hyde Park protest is being ridiculed by absolutely everyone

Today's anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park was quite a moment.

Not only did it give us Jeremy Corbyn's climate-denier brother Piers spouting nonsense about 5G conspiracy theories and how the pandemic is "a pack of lies to brainwash you" and subsequently being arrested, but it may have also spawned one of the best lockdown memes we've seen so far.

It began when journalist Hannah Jane Parkinson tweeted a picture of perhaps the best placard we've seen so far:

Presumably the very angry-looking protester was trying to say "I am a free man, I am not a number", but due to a typographical fail we were left with:


People wasted no time before the jokes started rolling in. Let's take this line by line:

"I am a free" took on a particularly comedic note when said protester ended up getting himself arrested.

While "I am not man" made many wonder if he was trying to make a feminist statement.

"A number" was reminiscent of something...

To some, it was poetry.

Others tried to crack the code.

And one person had had enough and just decided to fix the whole thing:

Let this be a lesson to us all in always writing out our nonsensical protest banners in pencil before going all in with the sharpie.

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