This video proves the UK is absolutely not reeling

Following a series of terror attacks in London and Manchester, international figures recognised that the UK had been victim to a significant barrage of terrorism.

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel said:

Today we are united across borders in horror and mourning, but also in determination.

For Germany, I reiterate that in the fight against all forms of terrorism, we are resolutely at Britain's side.

Other international leaders were quick to empathise.

The New York Times ran a headline, mocked as absurd by British social media, which claimed the country was 'reeling'.

A video from reddit was recently shared on Twitter by an Australian reporter for CNN called Amy La Porte.

It depicts an impromptu street party in Cheltenham, which very much counters the notion that the UK is meek and that heads around the country are bowed in fear.

The town featured in the video is Cheltenham, and the song is from infamous 90s and noughties Eurodance outfit the Vengaboys.

Jolly good.

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