A man who has appeared to use a narwhal tusk to fend off a terrorist wielding a knife on London Bridge has been hailed as a hero for his unlikely choice of defensive weapon.

During Friday's event on London Bridge, which saw two members of the public die before the terrorists were apprehended, a man was seen carrying a what appeared to be a narwhal tusk.

Footage from the incident shows the man holding a long pointy object and prodding at one of the attackers before the police intervened.

Reports suggest that the man, who has since been named as Polish chef 'Luckasz' grabbed the tusk which was mounted on a wall at nearby Fishmongers Hall, and confronted the attacker.

It is unclear what happened to the man or the tusk after the attack had been stopped but news of his remarkable heroism has captured the internet's imagination.

He has even become a very unlikely meme, celebrating this bizarre moment as if it was something that could only really ever happen in Britain.

This brings to mind the man who after the 2017 London Bridge attack, became a viral hit for running away from the incident with a pint of beer in his hand. And who could forget the man that used a trolley to try and stop an attack in Melbourne, Australia.

Heroes. Every single last one of them.

HT Mirror

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