A teenage boy in Istanbul, Turkey is being hailed a hero after capturing a toddler who fell from a window and the CCTV footage is a must-see.

The 17 -year-old, Feuzi Zabaat, had a live-saving quick reaction when he noticed a little girl was about fall from the window of her second-floor home in the Faith district of Istanbul.

The dramatic CCTV footage which has been shared online thousands of times, shows Zabatt positioning himself under the window before catching the girl, who survived without any injuries.

The two-year-old Syrian child, Doha Muhammed, apparently approached the open window while her mother was cooking in the kitchen and didn't notice, according to local media.

Zabaat, an Algerian immigrant who works at a frame shop on the same street, said about the incident:

I did what was necessary for the love of Allah.

The teenager was rewarded for his heroic actions by the toddler's family, who gifted him 200 Turkish Lira.


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